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Business Club – Expert views on conference call company Via-Vox’s spam email issues

Three business experts give their advice on how conference call company Via-Vox can resolve its spam filters issue which is losing them customers.

A suggestion for Via-Vox is to add a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) entry to its Domain Name System (DNS) record. This is a small but important piece of textual information held by the DNS server that lists the names of servers in your network that email can legitimately be sent from.

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Computer Business Review

 IBM Hursley 50 Years – Hursley Futurology

Computer Business Review produced a special insert on the history of IBM Hursley for the 50th anniversary of the site. I was interview for the Futurology section of the publication

The Hursley team applied for 750 patents since the millennium. So what is it about Hursley that helps foster the culture of innovation? “There are an awful lot of bright people working here” says Robert Smart an Emerging Technology Specialist at Hursley involved in Web 2.0 and 3d virtual world developments. “That makes it a pretty creative environment.”

“In the Emerging Technology Department each member has their own specific area of interest” he says. “I’m looking at virtual worlds and web 2.0 but others are looking at pervasive devices, data analytics, the ‘semantic web’ and more. So, for instance although I’m not a hardware expert I know there are people nearby who are. There are people working on Blue Gene [IBM’s super computer project]  just down the corridor.”

“There’s a strong culture of collaboration that helps to foster new ideas,” Smart adds.

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Analysis: Don’t believe the (lack of) hype…

He told “We’re seeing businesses look at [virtual worlds] much more seriously and say, ‘If we’re going to invest money in this, what can we get back? How can this benefit us?'”

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