I’m an Emerging Technology Specialist located at IBM Hursley and is currently working for the office of the CIO innovation initiatives programme.

I develop and integrate with a vast array of technologies ranging from mobile, voip, mapping, translation through to more everyday web tech and enterprise products. My background has been primarily in developing scalable websites for large IBM customers.

My current focus is on Enterprise mobile with a particular focus in iOS.

I don’t do enough but i enjoy photography, here’s the link to my photo gallery


  1. Oki Mikito

    Hello! I just came across one of your older pages:
    … and want to ask which library you used in that awesome transcription tool. I am a struggling Arabic learner 😉 Thank you for your time! I look forward to hearing back from you… – – Oki

  2. Rob Smart (Post author)

    Hi Oki,

    Apologies for the slow reply, the library is just a php script i wrote. You can find it here on github

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