Thoughts on OpenSim, interview on UgoTrade

Tish Shute very kindly asked me to do an interview for her excellent blog over on Ugotrade. In the interview I discuss where OpenSim fits in with the rest of the Web and particularly how some of the recent work i’ve been doing makes it a more viable platform for consuming data and services from websites.

You can find the interview here.


  1. Bruce Joy

    Only caught up with that article a few days and thought it was excellent.

  2. Bruce Joy

    Oops, meant to say “a few days ago”.

    Also, what do you think of Microsoft’s new Azure cloud services model? Are we going to be able to mash OpenSim, VastPark, etc as a multiuser o.s. that consumes all kinds of services and can live in the cloud as well as operate in a local or behind firewall mode? Azure already appears to support a bunch of that. That seems to me to map with emerging use cases including real time hybrid business collaboration as well as ARGs.
    I’m happy about that if so as it gives more value to the widgetization style approach inherent in our IMML markup. Makes me think it’s critical that we open up what we’re doing to enable more FLOSS activity that can cross-pollinate with OpenSim. I’ll be very interested to see any work you’ve done with Unity, OpenMV, etc as VastPark is treading a similar path. I really want to understand what we need to do to get to the point where the VastPark client can be listed as a OpenSim client.

    By the way, I’m keen to connect with IBMers Levine and Osias if possible while I’m in NY. Can you help?


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