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John Tolva let out a quick request the other week on twitter for a Flickr photostream timeline, it sounded like a quick hack was possible using Simile and the Flickr API; both of which I wanted to have a play with for investigative purposes. It turned out to be nice and straightforward, the Simile API from MIT is flexible and simple to use, so much so that I should really spend a bit more tweaking my Flickr timeline to make it look prettier, but hey this is just a quickie 😉

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  1. John

    You, sir, are timeless! Well done.

  2. Jamie

    So this is where your hiding these days! Just passing the time today waiting to jet off on holiday tonight.

    Just tried your gizmo, but can’t seem to get it to work. Perhaps it’s cause I’m a tight scot and won’t pay for a pro account 🙂

  3. Rob (Post author)

    it should work mate try this

    you’ll need to scroll left or right on yours to start with though before you get to your pics, looks like you had a large date gap between posting shots on flickr and it the timeline defaults to the mid point datewise for your pics.

  4. James

    Rob, appreciate that this quite an old post, but really interested in what you have done here. Firlstly though, couldn’t get it to work “Caught exception: TypeError: v1 is null” comes up twice. Secondly, how easy would it be to change it to cover a group or even a tag? Thirdly, without being able to see it can I just ask if it uses the date taken or the date added timestamp? And finally (sorry for all teh questions!) how does it cope with the newer “taken some time in” and “taken circa” options in Flickr?

    Cheers, James

  5. yourbartender

    Exactly what I was looking for, except I’m also getting the error: Caught exception: TypeError: Null value (with Safari 3.something)

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