Black Thursday

Ever have one of those days were everything goes wrong? this Thursday was one of those for us, without going in to too much detail here’s a quick run down…
1. Expensive Car bill for a service and MOT

2. Couldnt get to work as the M3 was closed

3. Hanans sister ill and needing specialist treatment,constantly on the phone with Hanan.

4. Whilst driving into Southampton Hanans car was rear ended by some idiot not paying attention, result we both have whiplash and Hanans car is most likely written off.

5. My sisters boyfriend broke his foot at work.

6. My dad is being hassled by a gang of Eastern Europeans who stole his wallet.

Hopefully this list should guarantee some good luck fora while now, I better go and buy a lottery ticket 😉

On the plus side, our Sky broadband is now connected and on a fairly random note Mum and Dad have been invited to a Garden party at Buckingham palace, I’d like to see the gang of Romanians try and get past the Queens guards…


  1. Darren Shaw

    You didn’t travel to Kent today did you?

  2. andyp

    So you went with Sky broadband then? Did you get an installation CD? We didn’t… but it was just plug-and-play and worked, so I didn’t chase them about it.

  3. Rob (Post author)

    I got the CD although i havent tried using it, as you said it’s just a plugin and off you go job in the case of the wireless router. Not convinced about the broadband yet though, it seems fine for web stuff but my experience with it for gaming so far is pretty bad maybe it will settle down… :O

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