3D replica of London ?

A company called GMJ Design have done a 3D model of London based on 10 cm-resolution aerial photography coupled with full ground surveys, the model currently covers 35 square kilometres and is increasing day by day.

They’ve been targeting this model at Architecture firms to start with but it can’t be long until games companies want to start using models as accurate as this…


  1. andyp

    The Getaway on PS2 was supposed to have a detailed model of London too, but I think it was pretty limited (and I never got to play it, so I’m not sure how good it really was). This looks pretty cool, although I’m sure it will be a lot more shiny than real life 😉

  2. epredator

    The getaway wa a very good representation of London, as was Project Gotham.
    I think they have re surveyed and photographed london again for PS3 getaway.
    The problem with real real places is that it does not take much for oyu to be dissapointed in a free roaming way. e.g. getaway had the southbank but we could not get to IBM or down to the sandwich shop.

  3. Rob (Post author)

    I just found this link to the UCL London model project, they’ve managed to model the entire area inside the M25 using data from various sources and partners…

    Virtual London

    “CASA is building a large scale 3D GIS and CAD model for Greater London using state of the art computer technologies. It is designed for professional use by architects and planning but is also targeted at the wider public through various processes of public participation across the web.”

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