Recently my evenings have been taken up exploring the medium of Machinima, in particular machinima made using SecondLife. It’s been a fun experience trying to transfer any skill I’ve picked up from photography into composing interesting moving images.

Using a virtual world like SecondLife to experiment in opens up a whole world of possibilities that just aren’t feasible in real life, for one i’m strongly influenced by anything i see in the professional domain of any medium; so my immediate urge is to go out and take dramatic sweeping camera shots that would require some serious equipment to pull off, with Machinima I can do this at virtually zero cost. In the real world I’d also need actors, cameras and props. In SL I can build all the props myself and I can control the actors to a certain extent.

Of course the end result probably won’t have the same impact without proper actors and recorded dialogue, but that’s not the point. Machinima is all about freedom of expression and having the simulated environment to allow the mind to wander free and be creative.