Basic Machinima setup for Second Life

I’m running on a Windows XP machine so my choice of toolset is going to be dictated by that, I have plenty of friends who rave about the Video editing capabilities of Macs and Quick edit pro but i’m not to splash out without good reason 🙂 besides I recently aquired a rather well endowed dual core intel machine with a kick ass graphics card, for err… no other reason than i managed to melt my laptop through excessive SecondLife usage… ahem

Soo, after extensive research… i.e. quick google search followed by search of SecondLife forums and a quick jaunt on the awesome I chose to use Fraps for video capture and Adobe Premiere Elements for editing. After being a bit suspicious to start with of Elements; fearing It was vastly cut down, I discovered to my pleasant surprise that for such a cheap product it is amazingly full featured and allows editing of video in real time plus layering of multiple video tracks on top of each other, I got to grips with it within an hour or so and was very pleased with the results.